How can a teacher join a WeVideo Class (for training purposes)

I am running PD on WeVideo Classroom and would like our teachers to experience the student view by joining my WeVideo class. What is the best way to do this? I do not see a place for teachers to enter a join code to join my WeVideo class.



I came to post the same question! Following…


Hi @lori.perez and @mark.rabideau. Currently teachers can’t access the student view from their accounts - this is coming! Our team is also looking into allowing multiple teachers to access the same class. What you can do for now is create student demo accounts and allow teachers access by sharing the join code with those accounts. Let me know if you are able to successfully use this workaround!


I had the same question! Glad to know this is coming!
Also, on the “Personal” side of things, will we eventually have the option to work in the new editor from the classroom side with the white background?

Is there a timeline when this may be available?